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Do any of you people still play animal crossing? IF NOT GO NOW!!!
My gates are open if anyone wants to come over to Forks for Festivale!

They'll probably be open for quite a while since I've got nothing better to do while I let the henna sit on my hair lol
I just got my wireless back up again.
I have AC for the DS.
My character's name is Jesus and his town's name is Heaven. It was only funny when I first started to play it...
My friend code is: 2191-7658-7854

My town is a mess right now, but I never mind visitors!

Feb. 19th, 2009

My town is perfect. I mean really perfect. Hey everyone, come and see how perfect my town is!

I finally got my golden watering can :')
and I'll be opening my gates in the next fifteen minutes or so and leave them open for about an hour if anyone wants to come over!

Name: Anna
City: Forks
Code: 1290 2349 8051
my info just in case we aren't friends :)

this is for the wii btw

Hi there! Would Love some Friends!

Hi, I've been playing Animal Crossing: City Folk on the Wii, and would love some online friends to come vist and vice versa. I only have peaches, but hope to have some new fruit soon.

Name: Maia
Town: Rubyham
FC: 1204-4506-5916

thanks! :3

D'Vegas codes changed

I knew I forgot something.  I rebuilt our town the other day and forgot to post our new codes here.  Our Nook's is closed today so if you have your gates open let me know. 

our codes


Dr. Jest
I'm going to open my gates in my ds ac, so if you can play now jess you can come over to see if you can get your hair done(and I'll go to yours after if you still need me to buy from your shop), and if thiefjuice can come over and get fruit since all my other fruits grew today :D and for anyone else who wants to come over!

Guys, I think I sold my watering can and axe by accident. Do any of you have it in your stores and are willing to open your doors for me? I'd be forever grateful :[

This is for the DS, btw.

for AC wild world

I'm trying to complete the regal set. I need the lamp, sofa, table, clock, bed and bookcase. If you have any of these items and are willing to sell (or order a duplicate from Tom Nook's catalog), just name your price. Also, I'm looking for a golden watering can, fishing pole, net and slingshot. Same deal, name a price or let me know if you're looking for something to trade.

Hello All

Hello everyone, I have been playing AC WW for some time now, and I wanted to know if anyone had an extra golden watering can or knew the best way to get one, I cant seem to get a good comment on the environment, I either have to much green or not enough.  I would appreciate any help at all!