D'Milton Roderick (dyingtolive87) wrote in ontd_ac,
D'Milton Roderick

I just got my wireless back up again.
I have AC for the DS.
My character's name is Jesus and his town's name is Heaven. It was only funny when I first started to play it...
My friend code is: 2191-7658-7854

My town is a mess right now, but I never mind visitors!

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omg will you be able to play tmr night?>
Idk if I'm doing anything later on that night, but maybe?
name: Heidi
town: Otsuka
code: 1633 9300 4267

you know what to do! :D
i'm gonna add you :D

Name: Anna
Town: Forks
Code: 0001-7862-9903

but idk if it'll look like i've added you until i get home when i can get on my wireless.