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I'm opening my gates now and they'll probably be open until at least 10:30 EST. PLEASE COME VISIT ME, I AM BORED :(

My info, again:
Matilda in Halpert
Jess did you still need me to come over and buy from your shop? cause I'm about to play right now, sorry I didn't get a chance to play yesterday. But I think if I turn off my wireless on my laptop it shouldn't have any issues connecting like it did the other day.

I'll also open my gate if anyone else wants to come over but my town is really shitty right now, just a warning rofl and this is for the ds

Feb. 1st, 2009

My wifi doesn't work still but I am curious!

Who are your neighbors? Who do you love/hate?

I'm assuming the wii/ds people are similar :o

mine are here :DCollapse )

Ok go plz talk about your neighbors.

Jan. 31st, 2009

Hi, guys! I'm Michele and I just got AC: Wild Worlds for the DS and I want to go to other towns!

Here is my info:
Matilda in Halpert

Please add me, ty!

Also, I've opened my gates and they'll probably be open for the next couple of hours.
im sai :)

im new here but
i finally got wifi on my ds and i got my friend code
for wild world :D

i wanna go out of my world

saira in pedro (i couldnt fit 'san')
friend code:3781-4079-1068
paging demembers or anyone else who has ac for ds
do you wanna come over and buy something from my store, it FINALLY upgraded and someone needs to buy from it to upgrade again so i can get my hair did in the store

or does anyone wanna play!?!?

Jan. 22nd, 2009

I got a golden slingshot today :D :D :D :D
has anyone else gotten one?
idk I think the only thing it does is shoot three at once, but it may or may not make the presents come faster.

and I upgraded my house to the last one :D Nook is going to have to break my kneecaps before I start paying that back

and I caught a stringfish the other day :D but I donated it because they're not around for much longer :(
I'm still working on my perfect town though.
I'm new to this community and pretty much new to City Folk, and AC for that matter. I've never had a visitor or been to another town because no one I know IRL has this game.

Please come visit me and plant fruit and make my town stop sucking :(

Charlie (my full name wouldn't fit)
FC: 1977-4533-7055
My gate is open.

I have Cherries, take whatever you want. Also, apparently if someone plants a golden tree something tight happens.


ugh my nook's is closed today for remodeling :(

on the bright side:
-i got my 2nd jacob's ladder today
-i caught a tuna
-my new bridge is finally here


Hello :)
I am very new to Animal Crossing but I can tell I am going to be addicted very soon!
Please add me, I will be on and off all day and would like to visit some towns!

5069 8703 9192

My native fruit is pears.
Please feel free to do what you would allow in your town.
Please don't take my flowers or fossils or all my fruit.
Thanks a lot!



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